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About Brad Livingstone, R.Ph.

Brad Livingstone, owner and general manager, has called Olympia home since 1991. After graduating from Washington State University College of Pharmacy in 1996, he followed an eclectic entrepreneurial path that led him to open Sound Specialty Pharmacy.


Brad has a strong background in quality control and operations management. He is a clinical and operational consultant for outpatient surgical centers, independent pharmacies, and inpatient skilled nursing facilities. In Olympia, Brad has worked most recently as Director of Pharmacy Operations at Ralph’s Thriftway Pharmacy (2008-2014), Northwest Specialty Pharmacy (2010-2017),  and was co-owner and Managing Member of Sound Apothecaries, LLC dba NW Remedies Compounding Pharmacy (2009-2017). He has served on the Providence St. Peter Hospital Community Ministry Board  (Quality and Credentialing and Clinical Quality committees) and serves currently as a board member for Behavioral Health Resources.

His career focus has been on chronic and acute disease treatment and prevention through the combined strengths of Eastern and Western medicine. He also advocates for increasing awareness of chronic inflammation and nutritional deficiencies as the root of many preventable disease processes.


Washington State University College of Pharmacy '96

The Hill School

Pottstown, PA '90

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